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Our international moving consultation takes about 13 minutes!

Our worldwide relocation services include professionally done packing, customs clearance, ocean and air freight. Once your cargo has reached the destination we take care of the offloading and debris clearing as well!

Each customer gets an exclusive moving specialist who will walk you through the whole process and break down the difficult terms into easy to be understood language. They will always be your point of contact, answer your questions and keep frequently giving you status updates. Our international moving consultation takes about 13 minutes.

How to save money on your International Relocation?

  1. Think about getting rid of whatever you don’t use. You can give them away to a charity or sell them online to make some additional cash. Reduce your load: Going abroad is a terrific opportunity to declutter.
  2. Self packing: You can try and find carton boxes to pack your belongings. Costs might be reduced by 10%. However in that case, responsibility for breakage during transit wouldn’t be taken by us.
  3. Ask for a discount: The top global moving businesses are aware of financial constraints. If there are any savings available, ask the international moving company of your choosing.
  4. Ask to explore more affordable options: We understand a tight budget. Do ask us for port – to – port or door – to – port options. This might make a significant reduction to your total costs. However, we always recommended door – to – door services so you can sit back and relax and we will do all the heavy lifting for you.

We all want choices that are economical, but finding the cheapest international movers is not always the best option. Moving overseas is a big task, so invest in a company that will perform well, it’ll be worth it. 

Why should I hire an international moving company to pack for me?

It can take days for international shipments to cross the ocean. Events may occur suddenly and the waters can be rough. There’s the possibility of packing your household items, but you should be aware of the dangers. The reasons for choosing an international movers to handle your packing are given below:

An professional international mover has awareness of export packaging.
Time Consuming:
Packing it all yourself could be extremely time consuming and confusing. If you’re in a hurry, or just need a neat, professional job done, best would be to leave to us.
Learn the Moving Process:
Packed by owner (PBO) will not receive complete insurance coverage.

How to end-up paying extra?

Be Clear About Your Expectations:
Explain if you’re looking for something specific pre-move, if moving door-to-door, make sure you convey that.

A Virtual Tour:
The best way to estimate the cost would be for a walk-in survey by one of our sales mates. But when that isn’t possible, record a video of your house on your smartphone, include the items that need to be packed and send it across to us.
Additional Costs Question:
We take pride in having the ability to provide all inclusive rates without any additional/hidden costs which you might possibly incur when moving with other international movers. Make it a point to ask for clarity on this in advance.
Learning the Process:
Along with your sales mate, ask questions and understand the process. It’s good to prepare yourself for worst case scenarios.

What is a door-to-port service? How does it work?

This service is when your cargo is packed, shipped and delivered only upto the destination port. For example: from your house in Colombo, Sri Lanka to the destination port of Mumbai, India. However, the responsibility of documentation, customs clearance and any port related fees will have to be dealt by you. 

You may be able to save money by using a door-to-port service, but you should weigh the benefits and drawbacks. Handling customs and the port charges might be difficult if you lack knowledge and experience. Yet, the best international moving companies can help you through the procedure.

Have a successful international relocation!

Moving household goods overseas can be costly and requires a lot of effort. Choosing the right company can differentiate between a positive experience or a disaster. We hope that our international moving tips guide you in the right direction. If you have any questions about the moving services we offer or want a quick international moving quote, you can fill out an online form or give us a call.

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